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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishingkitchen-cabinet-refinishing

Many of our clients prefer the option of refinishing their existing cabinets instead of resurfacing or purchasing brand new cabinets. By refinishing existing cabinets our clients get the look of brand new cabinets, while avoiding the major expense of buying new.

Tulsa Paint Company offers the following options for kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Existing cabinets can be sprayed or rolled with an oil based paint. Usually all colors from either Spectrum Paint and Sherwin Williams can be purchased in an oil based paint. However, dark colors may not always be available in an oil based paint. Oil based paints when they are either sprayed on or rolled on provide our customers with the most durable finish. If our customers have heavy traffic (kids, dogs, etc.) we recommend the option of applying an oil based paint. The one disadvantage of using oil based paints is the strong odor that comes from the paint and paint thinner.

Another paint product available to customers is a latex enamel. This water based product is designed to adhere to the cabinet wood, unlike a regular non- enamel water based product that is commonly used for interior walls and ceiling. Similar to oil based products, latex enamel comes in a wide range of colors that are found at many Tulsa paint stores. Latex enamel can also be used for very dark colors, unlike oil based paints. For customers that are planning to list their home for sale or do not have a lot of foot traffic, latex enamel is an excellent alternative.

The last option available when considering refinishing kitchen cabinets is to apply an oil based stain. Stains are very durable and provide homeowners with natural wood grain look and feel. In order to correctly stain wood several additional steps are needed to create a natural wood look. These additional steps increase the overall cost of labor, which often times pushes clients towards oil or latex enamel.

We suggest homeowners considering refinishing their cabinets speak to a Tulsa Paint Co employee.

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